Monday, November 30, 2009


Before I go to the day's practice, a few notes:

  • Work has been busy, but this work has been very busy, and time-consuming in a fashion that I enjoy. The problem with this, though, is that a lot is getting pushed out of the way; I haven't done a serious update to either of my blogs for some time. I am aware, of course, that not a lot of people read them, but it's the act of writing down and recording that is important. I have a fairly large amount of material that should be up by now, and I have the means to do it, but I have not been able to manage the act.
  • I have been most reticent in finishing the document of the beginner's course from June. Part of this is because, as much as I've talked about it, and vocally processed it, I'm still chewing on the night of the performance challenge. Another part is that so much has happened and changed--my personal work, the rebooting of GCNE (of which I am the scribe for meetings), and the OCG II course, which was more of a major moment than what I initially realized (and I already knew it was a big deal)--that the sheer volume of events and text is pretty daunting. The other part is that the amount that I need to get down is so big that I tend to balk at getting started, in favor of more personal practice and developing of skills--needless to say, this is self-perpetuating.
  • GCNE is actively looking for gigs. If you are in a band, and need an opener, or maybe want to open for us (it sounds presumptive, but in some situations, eight people opening for two can be a little backwards), please let me know, via Facebook, or contact via the GCNE blog or GCNE website (that'll probably get you Glenn or Victor).
  • Curt Golden posted a blog entry today that was a little discomfiting, in terms of what has been going through my mind, lately. If you haven't read it, please do. I may write about this, later on this week, but I am not sure.
There is a work that involves three centers: the thinking center, the feeling center, and the moving center. I have become intensely aware, lately, that I am very strong in the first center, have a tempestuous relationship with the second, and have an intimation of what my third is capable of, but have difficulty locking in with that, and usually have to work my way into that through the first, while still maintaining a fundamentally sound hold in the second. To this, add the fact that I am definitely feeling different pulls in different directions, and you can understand my virtual silence outside of the responsibilities I have taken on.