Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When ready, please begin.

Yet another blog--it's like I have to sow my seed all over the internets.

The title of this blog may confuse some people that have known me for a while. For others (namely, those who were on the Guitar Craft course in Gig Harbor, WA, in May/June of 2009), the title will probably be embarrassingly quaint and trite, but will at least make sense.

The primary aim for this spot on the web is going to be pretty simple: Guitar Craft has taken a very prominent slot in my life, and this is a place for me to write about certain things that come up, in regards to it. Not so much the minutiae, though: no one cares that I practiced for x-amount of time, today, or how fast my alternate picking is getting (thought these things may develop a curious sense of importance, at one point or another). 'The Chapel' is really where I'll be working out the philosophical and practical questions of this work, in whatever form it ends up taking.

So, come on in. The floor is waiting.