Friday, February 12, 2010

Last night: an intuition that, as successful as the gig at Thacher Montessori was, it wasn't quite the powerful experience that it had the possibility of being. Not an unworthy undertaking, mind you, and certainly a good affirmation of ability, with some good moments in the show*. Still, though, I feel like we got close, but weren't able to quite get there.

I imagine that this was in large part due to the noise factor: as fun as it is, playing for children, it was loud, and really difficult to hold their attention. When we did play, most were able to focus, but the minute that sound stopped coming out of the guitars, the kids generally began to go nuts, again. This can't be helped, I suppose, seeing as they are kids, and simply act without the baggage that adults develop later on--not a bad thing by any means. I am looking forward, now, to playing in front of an attentive audience.

All this said, I have to reaffirm that I did have fun. It was a fun gig! The kids loved us. But now I am eager to find out what can really happen in a performance.

*Thrak and the improv/Asturias were personal high marks, though having Opening coming out so well was pleasing, as well.