Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At the meeting tonight for the local g/b group meeting, I asked a question that I thought was connected to the topic. The minute it left my mouth, I realized just how completely off-topic I was. Instant regret. To his credit, E. S. was very gracious, remarking that I was talking about a different subject, and how words can be quite misleading.

He also noted that what I was referring to was actually related to what the next area of discussion would be. Still wrong, but in a related vein. I also remember asking a question of RF at my beginner's course that was generally not quite related to the topic, but inadvertently gave him a springboard to begin presenting the performance challenge to the group. Either that, or he was already going to proceed to it, in the next moment. If that was the case, he tied the two disparate topics together quite well.

Bleh. Well, there's always next week.