Friday, September 16, 2011


The aim is a funny thing, especially when what should be an unrelated subject keeps barging down the door and taking attention.

This actually makes me think of something that Victor told me once, a couple years ago, when I was talking about having trouble sitting (something I have been having trouble with again, recently).  I don't quite remember the exact context, but I was describing having trouble focusing on the sitting, and constantly found myself drifting "off topic" in the middle of an exercise.  Victor noted that this was to be expected, especially when one has so little experience in this work.  He also noted that sometimes, if we're able to simply acknowledge that a thought came up and put it away for later, and the same subject keeps coming up, that it needs to be looked at.

This also reminds me of a passage in Bennett's "Creative Thinking", in which he talks about choosing a subject and setting one's self to intentionally not think of it for a period of time.  Impossible, but if we keep at it, then something new might come in.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Semester.

First meeting of the semester for the Bennett group, last night.  We talked about a few things, as we always do, but a couple things that jumped out:

a)  "Wish is more powerful than god."  The idea being that, moving from "absolute" to "absolute calm" (absolute being "the source" or "the creation" or "that which is highest"), energy begins at a point of highest concentration and then dissipates; it is an involutionary motion.  But "wish" goes against this motion, goes against the grain of time if you will, and moves towards the source.

b)  George being asked about schisms and separations.  His answer dealt very much with overcoming personality issues and working towards a common goal (a greater good, if you will).  It also dealt with how sometimes those issues can't be overcome, sometimes, but how work can still be achieved nonetheless.  Another side to this was the reminder that in the end, we're all the same person.

c)  The general question being asked of the group to look at our aim for our work in the group, and to look at what we're prepared to give up for it.  I got a little uncomfortable when I heard that.

It was also a little ameliorating to talk to one of the other group members (a long-time student of this) and hear him talk about how hard his own summer was.  Indeed, a good number of my friends have seemed to be dealing with life a bit more than they expected, the past few months.  I'm not happy about this, but it's heartening to be in good company.