Monday, June 10, 2013

OCG VII - Day (?) - Post-Tour

Day (?) 
Monday morning is a bit of a rough starter.  Difficult to rise.  A difficult sitting at 7:00, even though it is blessedly in the Conservatory in the main house; I know there is probably 5-7 minutes that are gone to the world of bodily sleep.  As far as I can tell, my body has just decided that the tour is over, so it can let go, now.

Breakfast at 8:00, with french toast (!) and lemon ginger honey butter (!!!).  Placemats at the table are tour posters.  The weather is absolutely beautiful, as it should always be in the spring.

A goodbye to some of the crew at 8:45ish--it's amazing how the quality of joy infuses these goodbyes.  Some of these people I may not see again for a very long time, but how could I be anything other than joyful at having seen them again?

Logistics meeting at 9:00.  Off to clean up the tent area, take care of chairs, and begin to address the Cabin That Smells Like Man and Wet Towel.  Back to the main house at 10:00 for a check-in, and then showering, finishing packing, and fully cleaning the cabin.  Camp Caravan restoration is declared essentially completed a little before noon.

Sending off the last vans around 12:30, with a bit of disagreement between Dev and I, but this is beside the point, and mostly just because I'm not bothering to raise my voice like I need to.  With this departure, my duties as Travel Coordinator have officially completed.

Alex is still loading up a couple of bits and bobs, and has been an exemplary house manager for this project.  Not that I expected less.  Waving goodbye to the outhouses for the dorm.

In John's van with Diego and Adrian, and setting off around 1:20ish, following last farewells to the remaining team.  A bit of fuzziness with the GPS.  We stop to get some gas, and then again at a convenience store to get some post-course munchies.  I get a really strong feeling of "putting something in the bank", and I stay satisfied with some lemon tea and a couple of small chocolates.  The bad music in the store is jarring.

Back in the van.  Reviewing the 60 points with Diego, at his request.  Some idle conversation, and some snoozing on my own part.  Around maybe 2:45, we arrive at Harvard Square, and let Diego back out into the world.  A quick stretch of legs, and then back in the van, helping John to navigate to my place in Jamaica Plain.  A bit of personal pride as I point out key spots on our way, especially passing by my old work neighborhood at Berklee.

Arriving at my apartment around 3:30ish, and unloading.  John gives me the chance to try out his Beaudoux GC Pro, which is an opportunity I've been looking forward to for years.  A little bummed out by the lack of resonance, though later on I'll find out that the strings were close to two months old, and we were outside as well; different conditions would certainly yield better results.  Fantastic neck.

John and Adrian depart a few minutes later, and one of my room mates arrives just as I'm getting the last of my stuff inside.  I've also been texting back and forth with Ieva since noon, and now she's on her way.

In for a quick shower, and out of the shower to find her sitting in my room.  Hurrah!

Out the door to go for a walk, which takes us very far out of the way to Brookline (stopping by the Russian grocery store).  On the T, and up into Boston for dinner at Vlora.  Back to JP to Ieva's house (my first time there), so that she can do some work.  That work doesn't happen, so back to my place.  Turning in around midnight.

In the morning, a late rise for both of us.  Idle conversation and breakfast.  We missed each other.

In need of something to do, so to the Arboretum.  Lying under a tree for the better part of an hour--typical young-couple stuff.  Plenty more walking around; to the T, and up to the North End for coffee, tiramisu, and the ocean.

Another night of "I'm not going to get any work done", but we need dinner.  Back to JP and the grocery store; hommous, homefries, falafel, and pitas are constructed.  Beers are consumed.

To bed.

In the morning again.  Still another day off.  Bagels, coffee, and more hommous.  Plus a bit of Martin's chocolate.  Ieva takes off to finally address some necessary music work around 1:00.  I lollygag around for a bit, and spent part of the day just catching up.  Begin to digitize the journals.  Take a short nap.  Back awake, and more writing.

Squaring away various stuff.  Dealing with post-course whiplash.

Salad for dinner.  Writing in the paper journal to catch up on the journal as a whole, which brings this entire project up to date around 9:00 on 5/29/2013.

* * * And finally posting this last entry around 8:30 on 6/10/2013.  This completes the diary for OCG VII.

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