Sunday, March 17, 2013


A bit of everything today:

Some melancholy due to the Girl leaving for three weeks, but it's to record the next album with her group, so there's some pride in there as well.

A bit of shock and surprise as I realized that my aim for the OCG tour may have just fallen out of the sky onto my head.

And some intense gratitude as I'm working on travel arrangements for this project:  my proximity to the functioning of this tour, and being able to help, is already something to be thankful for.  But in addition to this, the fact that I've been getting peeks inside the factory, and have access to some of the higher workings of not just this but of a fair amount of "work" related goings-on. . . that's really something.  And that people let me in. . . funny to see what can come of knocking politely.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Clearly I was bored, too.

"I am curious what you people think the difference between love and passion is. Does one follow the other? I'm bored."

Passion has a sexual connotation to it, which implies: a) a temporary, or impermanent quality; b) the creative energy that sex carries, and that can be extraordinarily powerful in the moment, but which might not last past the present moment; c) the dissolution and loss of self in the moment, or the identification of the self with the object of one's passion. If we are too passionate, we disappear and turn away from the world.

 Love is not a sexual emotion, though sex and the creative energy can have a deep influence on it. It does not have the temporary quality that passion has; one could say that it has the ability to extend outside of ourselves, outside what we can immediately notice. It is also entirely without ego; instead of turning away and shrinking into our ego, when we are in love, we expand out, we feel bigger, and *experience* more around us, and possibly more than just this immediate moment holds. And, when we are truly in love, we can still be in touch with some real piece of ourselves, while being wholly free of ourselves and any control the ego might attempt to exert. In a very real sense, we sacrifice our selves in deference to something bigger than ourselves (a love binding two people, a love towards a higher reality, etceteras). And, by sacrificing it, we can really call it our own.

Like I even know what I'm talking about.  Pah.